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We live in the modern age where everything is on our fingertips whether it is shopping, business, entertainment or any other component, given our medical field developing at a rapid rate they are now providing us the service of Mobile X Rays in Chennai. It is a very mobile and helpful service that is being provided by our company A.G Mobile X-Rays.

No one can expect an ill person or a liable person to do any work and we believe in providing them the assistance they actually need and we can’t bear the consequence of them working hard during their illness by travelling to various hospitals for X-Rays. That is why we have introduced the system of bringing them the well deserved service of various X-Rays they require. There are not a lot of hospitals that provide the service of Mobile X Rays in Chennai and we are happy to actually serve for the people who need us with our devotion and cutting edge technology we intend to serve each and affected party with utmost good faith and our nurturing care.

Digital X Rays in Chennai

We provide a lot of services that helps the ones in need a chance of relaxing and give them the hospitality they actually deserve and it is a shame that not many other think about this as a service but seek to this as a business opportunity. The services provided by us basically consists X-Ray services, digital X-Ray services, doorstep digital X-Ray services and doorstep veterinary X-Ray services. Immobility is a major concern these days in spite of the advancement because there is no proper delegation of resources in the necessary field to reach out to the concerned parties. The main ideology behind the service of Mobile X Rays in Chennai is to reach out to larger number of people who do not have the adequate resources.

We hone a sophisticated range of cutting edge technology that eradicates the possibility of a minimum mistake. We have a very hard working and extremely trained and skillful radiographers who handle each and every situation with high integrity keeping one objective in mind that is to serve the ones in need. These days the medical field has become extremely corporate and sometimes it goes out of hand. Our citizens have the right to get the best of medical service and with the personalized care we provide they have the ray of hope of getting better, faster. The digital X-Rays provided by us provide faster, and more accurate results that benefits the need of professional care.


AG Xrays was started at chennai with its main office being located at Mylapore. For the past 20 years we have been providing best quality imaging services in and around the city. There are best quality radiographers actively working 24x7 with our firm. We also have the best radiologist for high standard diagnosis.

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