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As a frontrunner in providing high-end imaging solutions, we have been gaining prominence in the diagnostic field. We provide best xray services in and around the city. We have the most sophisticated imaging equipment in-house, making us the one-stop destination for the very best in diagnostics.As we throw light into the world of Clarity, we welcome you to get an insight into imaging technology and discover what makes us an icon in diagnostic field.


AG Xrays was started at chennai with its main office being located at Mylapore. For the past 20 years we have been providing best quality imaging services in and around the city. There are best quality radiographers actively working 24x7 with our firm. We also have the best radiologist for high standard diagnosis.

A.G. Mobile X-Rays

Home Visit Available

X-rays are usually performed either in the diagnostic centre or hospitals. For patients who are bed ridden or cannot be transported to the hospital we have House visit facility for X-rays for treatment of the patient at an affordable cost.


A.G. Mobile X-Rays

Assurance for accuracy

We provide a wide range of x-ray services to patients, who seek a comprehensive range of services, with high degree of accuracy, definiteness and mastery.


A.G. Mobile X-Rays

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Support in person, over the phone and online. We can help the Patients friendly, confidential and responsive service.


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